Three Effective Techniques for Teeth Whitening

Nowadays, more and more people aspire to have a bright white smile. Indeed, for some, a beautiful white smile is synonymous with health. It is why many companies have been quick to put teeth whitening products on the market. Like it or not, our natural teeth often end up being stained by the foods we consume, or they turn yellow with age. Bleaching in the office, at home or with over-the-counter products can achieve effective results, but vary according to the technique used.

Bleaching teeth in the chair

The whitening done directly to the dental chair is unquestionably the fastest. You must attend one or two sessions, which can last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the desired results. The specialist applies the whitening gel on your teeth. Then with a high energy lamp or laser, it activates the product. To complete the treatment, some people may choose to continue teeth whitening at home for a few days, with the help of gutters. The treatment is fast, but its cost is higher than that of other techniques.

The homemade method

Teeth whitening using the gutter is the most used home method. The solution required is either hydrogen peroxide (a mixture of hydrogen peroxide) or carbamide peroxide (1/3 hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 peroxide of urea). Your denturologist tailors’ gutters for your teeth. Then he gives you the whitening kit and the associated recommendations. The results vary from person to person and are usually visible after a few days. If during treatment, you feel extreme sensitivity, you should stop the treatment to avoid damaging the nerve of your tooth. The whitening gel penetrates the microporosities of your enamel and removes stains and accumulated deposits. Know that the results are not definitive; often, you will have to repeat the whitening periodically. The treatment lasts an average of two weeks, and the cost is less than the chair whitening.

OTC products

Several companies offer whitening products that are sold in department stores. These different products work, but the concentration of the active ingredient is much lower than that found in the office. Over-the-counter bleaching products can take many forms: Gels; Dental paste; Chewing gum; Mouthwash. They are generally more affordable and have some effectiveness, but often the results are not spectacular. If you are dealing with a denturologist, it should be noted that the denturologist can not guarantee the results of the treatment, since this is a purely aesthetic matter and the effects may vary from one client to another. Nevertheless, it is your denturologist who will be in the best position to inform you of the various possible treatments and probable results that you will be able to achieve. Once your teeth are bleached, some daily habits will help you keep that radiant smile! Finally, do not forget that the crowns (posed by the dentist), the fillings, and dentures (made by the denturologist) do not fade. As you can see, several teeth whitening techniques exist on the market. Whether you opt for a chair technique, at home, or over the counter, your smile will regain its natural glow. To choose the technique that suits you best, do not hesitate to make an appointment for a free consultation at one of our clinics!
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