Are Regular Dental Checkups Important?

Regular dental checkups are very important. Even though people think that their teeth are in good condition, frequent visits might help you protect your body from any future healthcare issues.

What Happens on a Dental Appointment?

here are two phases of a regular dental visit: Routine Checkup where the teeth are examined or cleaned Oral prophylaxis On a dental checkup, a dentist will check your mouth for cavities which may require taking an X-ray to detect cavities that are not clearly visible. The exam will also check for tartar and plaque on the teeth. Plaque is usually very clear and is a sticky bacteria layer. Once the teeth have been checked, your gums will be checked. This is done with a special tool to measure how much space there is between the gums and teeth. Your checkup must be carried out by a dental professional with years of experience so that he may examine your throat, neck, face, and tongue as well. This is important to see that there is any redness, swelling or signs of cancer.

What you should between your visits?

Be sure that you take care of your gums and teeth between your visits. There is a wise saying “Precaution is better than cure”. Plaque is something that keeps on forming on the teeth, but you can manage it through regular flossing and brushing.

Here are some excellent tips that you can follow to keep your oral health intact.

  • Brushing your teeth regularly at least twice a day will keep your oral hygiene in the best possible shape. Make sure that your toothpaste contains fluoride.
  • Daily flossing
  • Use a mouthwash daily to make sure all food particles are removed as well.

What is the Right Age to get a Dental Checkup?

It is essential to make sure oral hygiene is taken care of from a young age, as it is far easier to make changes and provide treatment. If your kid has crooked, crowded or missing teeth. Schedule them for the checkup. However, it is highly recommended to start the practice as soon as possible.

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